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Rising Artist Interview: “Lucid Dreams” by The Golden Hour

Q: We here love the message that you bring through your music:

“It may not be the music that ‘changes the world,’ though it is a new expression that will change the people of the world.”

Tell us more about why you started releasing music.

THE GOLDEN HOUR: My songwriting journey began the day I stared at the void, ready to give up.

I felt alone, and no one at the time knew about what was going on in my life. Truth be told, I was too afraid and ashamed to open up to those closest to me about what I was dealing with. During those times, my biggest and only comfort was found in music. It almost felt like those songs were written specifically for me, knowing exactly what I was going through and how to give me the strength needed to get through the day.

What could have been the worst night of my life turned out to be the day I rose from the ashes…

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